Thursday, June 18, 2009

Start of the Week Haul

I've always wanted to try Elianto's baked blusher so when hubby went to Makati last Monday to drop off some documents at his office (he was on leave that day), I've decided to tag along. Of course, I headed right away to the makeup section of Landmark and bought some necessities like Nivea's makeup remover, SkinWhite deo, this PH care mini set (which are so cute!), nivea moisturizer, nail polishes which have really catchy names like coal-lin farrell, greenier castillo, etc, and this really cheap brush set. I also got this bag of cotton rounds for removing makeup.

Then I head off to Elianto's stall (or was it booth?) and checked out their blushes. I decided to get the Pale Pink shade and I'm really happy with it. It just looks like a natural glow on my face when I use it and it really stays on unlike other blushes I've tried. I still need to retouch after 4 hrs though but that's good enough for me since it's very handy to carry around.

It was a good way to start the week, eh?

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