Thursday, June 18, 2009

Red Lipstick and Happy Mail Day!

They say that every woman should have a red lipstick. Personally, I've always been more comfortable in using nude or earth tone lipcolor but I figured, what the heck! I sure wanna give it a try. So since a lot of the girls at GT swore by Fashion 21's Wild Cherry, I have decided to purchase it. It's cheap too. So I bought it today and I can't wait to try it when I go to work tomorrow.

Oh, and my day was actually off to a good start. I received 3 notices from the post office for packages that I need to claim. And since I know that I'm just waiting for my Joppa grab bag and my 2 orders with Lauress, I hurried to the post office to claim them. Here are my latest haul..

I'm actually a bit disappointed with my Joppa grab bag since it only contains a few items compared to what the other girls from GT got. Oh well, at least the foundations are my exact match. I guess they really look at your previous orders to know what shade to send you.

I just ordered samples from Lauress and looks like I've already found my shade in Radiant Gold. Other samples I got are their e/s and gem liners.

More later!


Ida said...

nice haul :) i don't have a red lippie yet either and am still looking for one. looks like you got a lot of stuff from lauress! :)

GirL with GLasses ... said...

sis... congrats sa red lipstick mo...

purplesilke said...

sis ida, i did get a lot of stuff from lauress but they're all samples. my first order was lost in the mail so they sent me a new one. Yay for them!

sis Girl with Glasses, so excited to try my red lippie na nga eh. :)

twinsouls888 said...

I'd love to try Joppa minerals, I hear they're good ^_^