Monday, June 22, 2009

Another Red Lipstick

Okay, so I know I just bought my first ever red lipstick last week and I'm still getting used to wearing it but when I saw this auction for a Skinfood red l/s on eBay, I just couldn't help myself but bid on it (am I turning into a shopaholic?). I keep telling myself that I would get to use both of them eventually (I hope!). Anyhoo, it turns out that I won the bidding and I paid for it last Saturday and I got the item today. Yipee!

I also included a shot of swatches of both Skin Food Candy Moist Rouge #206 Cherry Red and Fashion 21 Wild Cherry.

(Top swatch: Skinfood Rouge #206 Cherry Red; Bottom swatch: Fashion 21 Wild Cherry)


~tHiAmErE~ said...

the color looks lovely!

i haven't bought anything from skin food..
now i have a good reason to go there!

thanks for the swatch!

purplesilke said...

no prob! thanks for visiting my blog!