Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Went to SM Southmall yesterday for grocery shopping and as usual, I couldn't help but check out their make up section. I was thinking of getting Maybelline's Mousse blush but they don't have any testers available so I got 4u2's duo eyeshadow instead. The color is really nice and very pigmented.

I've also been meaning to try Revlon's Colorstay liquid eyeliner due to a lot of good reviews on the product. The SA was really good at sales talk and she also managed to sell me the Colorstay Liquid Foundation. I got it in Buff. The SA tried it on me before I decided to get it. It's really nice. It gives great coverage and it really mattifies my face. I'll write a review about it in a week.

The Colorstay liquid eyeliner on the other hand was a bit disappointing for me. I was actually looking for a good waterproof eyeliner and I was hoping this one would work for me but as it turns out, it faded after just a few hours of having it on. I use an eye lubricant by the way, so i really need a great waterproof eyeliner. Fashion 21 works way better for me than Revlon. It's just that Fashion 21 turns shimmery after an hour or so and I really want a very black eyeliner.

Which leads me to 'resurrecting' my Fanny Serrano gel liner. Now this one really stays put but it dries out really fast. I have just been using it for 10 days or so when it dried out and turned flaky. So what I did was pot 2 drops of VCO on it and voila, it's creamy again.

I know it looks like sh*t but hey, as long as it works again!


Khymm said...

haha! i also put baby oil on my FS gel liner and i like its consistency now. True, it really dries up fast.. but its really long lasting..

Jackie said...

i didn't know fs had gel liners. need to check it out. thanks!