Tuesday, April 21, 2009

April 19 haul

Dropped by SM Makati last Sunday and decided to buy some stuff from Ellana since I've almost used up the sample baggies they sent me.. I bought Pure Blend French Vanilla Latte Foundation,
Translucent Finpow in Espresso Con Panna, eyeshadow in Inspiration and blush in Fetish. I was so happy with my haul and what made it better was that they gave me sample baggies of their blushes in Fulfillment, Heaven, and Affection.

So after paying for my purchases, I went to Watson's to buy my IWhite Aqua Moisturizing Cream. This is something that I've just recently discovered and I'm already in love with.. But instead of buying the full-sized tube, I opt for the Gold Gift pack which comes with a free Missha Moist Foundation in Warm 5 and Missha Light lipgloss. The gift pack contains:

- Aqua Moisturizing Cream (4)
- Facial Cream with SPF 15 (3)
- Mandarin Extreme Cleansing Balm (1)
- Pore Refining Coffee Sugar Polish (1)
- Heating Pumpkin Enzyme Mask (2)
- Ice Wine Rose Petal Mask (2)
- Fresh Seaweed Skin Renewal Gel (3)
- Moisturizing Facial Wash (2)
- Whitening Pack (2)
- Nose Pack (2)

And I only paid 499Php for the entire pack.. Quite a steal huh? Anyway, while I'm on my way to the cashier, I passed by the 4u2 booth and lo and behold, they have a bb cream and it's for less than 200 bucks. It's called Dreamgirl Faith bb cream. I immediately tested the product on my hand and liked it. And honestly, I would have bought it even if they don't have a tester around since the price is really cheap for a 30ml tube. I have yet to try it on my face though so can't post feedback yet.. Probably in a couple of days or so.. Overall, I'm really happy with my haul.. ;)

The one on top is Purederm and the one at the bottom is 4u2

with 4u2 bb cream

without bb cream


donnarence said...

hi :D.. i stumble upon your blog..i am the first follower.. yay :D

the 4u2 bb cream is really affordable.. but i think it would not suit my skinytone. it looked really light,, sayang..

purplesilke said...

sis, it blends naman daw to any skin tone sabi nung sa. suggest ko, visit a 4u2 booth and try mo yung tester nila.. whitish siya at first but after just a minute, nabeblend na siya.

donnarence said...

sis,, ok ba yung purederm?? which is better?? parang maganda yung shade ng purederm eh.. may sample bottle pa diba? :D thanks

purplesilke said...

i got my sample bottle thru ebay. it costs around Php150 for a 5ml bottle. I just used it once. the consistency is thicker compared to 4u2.