Thursday, April 23, 2009

DreamGirl Faith BB Cream

After a couple of days using 4u2's BB cream, here's what I can say about it. First of all, the price is really a steal. For Php194, you get a moisturizer and foundation in one. The coverage is not great but it'll do. I use this when I'm really running late or when I'm just too lazy to pile on makeup. So what I do is, I apply IWhite moisturizer followed by IWhite Facial cream with SPF 15 (which also acts as a makeup base) and put on my Faith BB cream. I just let it set for 5-10 mins before i apply Ellana's Espresso Con Panna finishing powder. Depending on my mood, I sometimes add on a touch of blush and eyeshadow.

What I really like about this bb cream is that it's so easy to blend and the consistency is not thick. The smell is a big factor for me coz it's really mild.. Kinda smells like baby powder. The coverage is really light so you may still need to use a concealer but i noticed that it really gives me that dewy look after an hour or so. My pores also look smaller after using it and it doesn't make my face look dark even after 8 hours of having it on (but you may need to retouch with powder after 3-4 hrs since it doesn't really control the oil).

- Very affordable for Php194 for a 30 ml tube
- easy to blend
- mildly-scented
- has pearl powder
- packaging is nice and you can easily stash it inside your kikay kit
- can act as makeup base or a foundation, depending on your skin type

- doesn't do much for coverage. You still need to use a concealer to hide blemishes and dark spots.
- doesn't control oil much either. You'll probably need to retouch with powder after 3 hrs or less, depending on how oily your skin gets.

So will I buy it again? Definitely. It's really handy to have around and for that price, what more can I ask, ayt?


gia said...

now I am curious about this bb cream! I had my doubts on this coz when I squirted it on my hands it's really really dark and I don't know how well it will blend. Maybe I will grab this the next time I go to the mall! thank you for the review

Chrissy said...

I never knew 4u2 had a BB cream!! I'll definitely check it out when I go to the mall next!

Thanks for the review. :)

PS, I love your blog. Gonna follow! If you have the time, please check mine out too. ^_^

purplesilke said...

Hi sis! I think I did subscribe to your blog yesterday.. I'm really fond of reading blogs especially makeup reviews and tutorials.. :)

Ida said...

hi there! i'm a new convert to mmu as well :)

the 4u2 bb cream is cheap ah? it's just too bad it doesn't conceal much. but you could try putting mmu foundation over it?

re the previous entry, nice haul from ellana! :) i like this brand too although i still haven't found my color match in their foundations.

following your blog now, hope you can pass by mine sometime :)

purplesilke said...

sometimes i still top it with foundie depending on my mood and how much time i have..LOL! I'll definitely check your blog.. :)