Tuesday, May 5, 2009

What's in my Kikay Kit

Saw something like this from Crystal's previous blogs so I've decided to make a similar entry.

I don't bring a lot of stuff with me especially since I started using mmu. I just don't feel the need to retouch since my make up stays on for the entire shift. Anyway, these are what I have on my mini make up kit..

I just bring my baby buki brush from Ellana, Clean & Clear oil control film, hand sanitizer, bare naturals mineral lip color, VS Strictly Sheer #139, G-lish lusterstick in party princess, nichido GNO in Smoke Green, ELF black eyeliner pencil, Maybelline pressed powder, Ellana FS in Espresso Con Panna, Godiva Lico White Lip Gloss, vanilla scented cologne, and my trusty comb.

I need to find a smaller container for my hand sanitizer since this tube is a bit big to carry around.. So there, that's what I carry with me when I go out.. So I'm tagging everyone who reads this and has not yet posted a similar entry..


Chrissy said...

Ohh. Nice post, sis. I'll post the contents of my kikay kit later. :)

donnarence said...

oohh.. nice kikay kit.. maybe i should try that c&c control film.. :D

Crystal said...

you're right about MMU staying put! i have to put silica powder often though to control the oilies.

purplesilke said...

CrystaL, where can i get that silica powder? my face is kinda oily too..

Miss Girl Interrupted said...

I love clean & clear oil blotting film. It's more expensive compared to other brands but I feel it removes more oil even if using just one film. It also doesn't tear easily compared to others :)