Monday, May 4, 2009

My Random Ramblings..

I've always wanted to know what my shade is with MAC so when I went to MOA yesterday, I made sure that I drop by MAC's counter. I found out that I'm an NC25. It was an enormous feat to turn away and buy nothing. But I'm not really sure if I'm willing to shell out Php1500 for a foundation so with a heavy heart, I turned away. Probably someday.. When I have more moolah to spare.

Anyway, it's my rest day today and I figured that I won't be putting any make up on especially with the hot weather and all.. But I'm really bored and I had to take my sister and aunt to the bus station so I need to put on some makeup but it's very minimal.. I just used my Purederm BB cream and my Joppa Original FS in Sheer, Nichido blush in Passionate Red, my homemade eye primer, Fashion21 eyebrow duo and black liquid liner, Nichido Girls Night Out in Smoke Green, Gelato eyescream #3, Bare Naturals lipcolor in Delusional, Ellana mineral e/s in Inspiration as my brow highlighter, and Elf waterproof black mascara and I'm done.. It's really hot but at least my make up is not melting.. yet.


Crystal said...

our skintones our close. i don't know my exact MAC shade but i know i'm either NC 25 or a mixture of NC 20 and 25, since NC 30 is too dark for me.

Pammy said...

MAC studio fix foundations last for months even with everyday use. You only need a little for coverage. My last compact lasted me 9 months. It may be a little too expensive at first but in the long run, it's still worth it. ^_^

donnarence said...

i really wanted to buy mac studiofix since my last compact was crushed and i got the wrong shade.. and like you 1500 seems a lot of moolah for a compact.. :S but i promise myself to get one when classes starts..

the nichido blush looks great on you.. is it a powder blush??

Chrissy said...

I got the MAC powder compact. :( I should have gotten liquid. To be honest I was really happy with my purchase at first, then I got disappointed. Maybe find a foundation that you'll really love? :)

*Nehs* said...

homemade eye primer? how is that? :)) thanks!

tiff said...

I love that lip color on you...very pretty :).

purplesilke said...

Crystal, yep i'm an nc 25. the sa tried it on me and it totally blend in.

Pammy, i'm sure it works really great. I promised myself i'll get one but probably not now.. :(

Donnarence, the nichido blush I'm using is in powder form. I was actually trying to get the Southbeach shade because of the raves of some our sisses in GT but I found out that it's in cream form so I got this instead. The sa there informed me that Passionate Red is the counterpart of Southbeach in powder blush.

Chrissy, I really heard good reviews about the sutdio fix liquid foundie on youtube. I'm actually trying to decide which one I'll get eventually..

*Nehs*, my homemade primer really works for me.. And I really have oily lids. I've made a blog entry about it. You may wanna check it out.

Tiff, thanks! You're so sweet!