Sunday, April 5, 2009

An MMU Convert

I've never been an avid user of make up.. until now. I guess you could say that joining an online forum like girltalk has really changed me when it comes to kikay factor..( teehee!)

There were days when makeup pasalubongs from relatives in the US just expire without me using them but lately, I have begun my own collection of make up, MINERAL MAKE-UP!! At first, I was just curious about the raves about this products and I decided to order online since Joppa offers free shipping worldwide.. Since I cannot wait for my Joppa haul to arrive, I decided to try the Loreal's True Match Mineral foundie and whoa, I was hooked.. I really love the way it feels on my skin and it doesn't even look like I'm wearing make-up..(as compared to when I use True Match liquid foundie).. and what's even better is that I didn't have to retouch my make-up the entire shift, and I'm on an 11-hr shift, mind you! And then my free samples from Ellana came. and I excitedly tried them on, and the result is even better.. It feels better on my skin and it offers better coverage.. After 14 days of waiting, my Joppa haul arrived and I was ecstatic. I haven't tried them all yet but with the few varieties I've used, I'm in love already. I'll be posting pics of my small stash of MMU soon and I'll give more feedback as I use them.. For now, I guess it's true that once you've tried MMU, you'll never look at make-up the same way again.. LOL!

Wearing my Joppa MMU

This is what I started with when I decided to try MMUs. A few more has been added since then but I haven't gotten around to taking their pics..

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