Thursday, September 17, 2009

Mini Haul

I went to Glorietta last Friday to meet my hubby and it turned out that they had a sale going on at that time. Anyhoo, I didn't really visit the stores there but went to Landmark instead to look at some accessories but I didn't find anything that I like so I decided to just wait for hubby at Tsoko Nut (which is my fave hang-out at SM Makati). I passed by the Broadway Gems stall at Glorietta and I saw this sign that says 20Php for each pair of earrings. Of course I couldn't resist checking it out. And I got these:

Pretty cheap huh?

Oh and I went to SM Southmall for grocery shopping last Sunday and I dropped by Book Sale and look at what I found! I got this for a mere 148Php.

So that's it for now! Have a nice day!


Ida said...

the earrings look nice :) the book- it like a beauty journal type of thing? :)

purplesilke said...

it's actually titled "the complete beauty book". it's really nice coz it has a lot of tips like how to apply make up, skin care, etc..