Thursday, July 2, 2009


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time started: 12:59 am
name: honeylet
nickname(s): honey
birthday: dec 8
where were you born: manila
do you still live there: no
zodiac sign: sagittarius
height: 5'3"
hair color: black since i dyed it
do you like it: yeah
what does it look like: wavy
eye color: brown
do you like it: yeah
contacts or glasses: both
shoe size: 8
siblings: 3
piercings: none
color: red
scent: vanilla
show: supernatural
candy: toffee
drink: coke
food: fried chicken
pizza topping: cheese
book: harry potter
fruit: watermelon
vegetable: are potatoes considered vegetables?
time of day: afternoon
month: december
day of the week: sunday
season: summer
magazine: cosmo
font: comic sans
shampoo: clear
name: sophia
number: 5
store: power books
accessory: earrings
channel: axn
weekend activity: shopping
house color: yellow
animal: dog
board game: scrabble
story from childhood:
have you ever
been on a plane: yes
been on a train: yes
been on a bus: yes
been in a taxi: yes
been in a car accident: no
burned something: yes
went out of the country: no
broken the law: no
lost something valuable: yes
met a celebrity: yes
cried in public: no
had a cavity: yes
shopped at abercrombie and fitch: no
prank called anyone: yes
faked sick: yes
fallen from a tree: no
climbed a tree: no
slept outside: no
broken a bone: no
choked: yes
passed out: several times
been to disney world: no
made a model volcano: no
the last
phone call: yesterday to my hubby
thing bought: elf studio eyebrow kit
thing said: okay
time you cried: can't remember
thing you ate: fish
shoes you wore: sneakers
occupation: i dunno yet
place to live: somewhere in cavite probably
kids: 2?
car: nissan still but a diff model
what are you doing tomorrow: buy a gift for my hubby's niece
best friend: maya
loudest: hmm.. i don't believe i have one
silliest: joanne
craziest: we're all crazy
calmest: jojo
nicest: they're all nice
meanest: i don't have mean friends
the one you have but don't want: hmm.. no one
smartest: they're all smart
most hyper: i think that's me
weirdest: ricky
pick one
pepsi-coke: coke
sprite-7-up: sprite
gold-silver: silver
vanilla-chocolate: chocolate
flowers-candy: candy
book-magazine: book
tv-rdio: tv
half empty-half full: half full
crayons-markers: crayons
sun-moon: sun
hot-cold: cold
dog-cat: dog
jeans-shorts: jeans
waffles-pancakes: waffles
florida-cali: cali
first thing that comes to mind when you hear...
yellow: sour
lipstick: mac
school: up
slippers: glass
lawn mower: noisy
iceland: cold
greenland: cold
harry potter: wizard
rooster: sunrise
bill clinton: hillary
whipped cream: sundae
mattress: soft
lollypop: sticky
love: red
panties: cotton
are you
annoying: sometimes
loud: sometimes
quiet: sometimes
random: yeah
perky: not really
happy: yeah
sad: no
crazy: sometimes
smart: I'd like to think so
calm: most of the time
what time is it!: 1:16 am
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Got this survey from emilynoel83 of Beauty Broadcast and I've decided to do it since it seems fun. I'm tagging everyone who also wants to do this survey. Just click on the link above. Enjoy!


~tHiAmErE~ said...

haha...i remember doing surveys like this when i was still active on myspace..
it was fun!

actually the thing is..i know the PO officer in charge..but i didn't know the customs officer...
i don't need to pay if the CO is nt around...pero yesterday he was there kasi e..
nkakainis tlg!

~tHiAmErE~ said...

i have an award for you,hun
check my post