Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Hair Color, Contacts, and EDM

Okay, so I know I haven't been around lately. Just got busy with a lot of things so I know I need to catch up.

I finally decided to dye my hair black. I used to have light brown hair but I figured black hair would look healthier so I went for it.

Too bad that my ophthalmologist advised me to start wearing contacts or eyeglasses again since my eyesight got worse. And since I refuse to wear eyeglasses that would make me look older, I chose contacts. I used to wear them before but I stopped since I had this traumatic experience when I accidentally rubbed my eyes, forgetting that I had contacts on, and it actually split right in my eye. Gosh! Anyway, I decided to get a different brand this time and since Freshlook is a trusted brand, I decided to try that instead. So I got their buy one take one promo and I chose 2 different colors. I got Hazel and Green. Now i don't think the Hazel one complements my new hair color. I actually look like a cat. A friend actually commented that I look like a character out of the Cullen's family. Yeah right! As if I can be that gorgeous! Haha!

Oh and I got my EDM order a couple of weeks ago. I just bought their FT brush but since their giving out a 5-pc kit for free, I decided to get that also. Unfortunately, it seems like my Lauress orders (2 of them) already got lost in the mail.. :(


Chrissy said...

Nice new hair color! How do you avail of the free kit from EDM??

Pammy said...

oooh, sorry to hear about your lauress package. now i'm kinda worried with mine too (but it's not mmu).

purplesilke said...

Chrissy, just go to their website. they offer those sample kits for free. you'll just need to pay for shipping.

Pammy, I actually contacted Lauress yesterday about it and seems like they have made an error in my address. At least, I don't have to worry about future online purchases. Anyway, Chris (from Lauress) advised me that they'll resend the package. :)

Contact Lenses said...
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